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Ryan Miller

"Ray and I have worked together on masks for the last 8 years. His outstanding artistic talents and willingness to listen has helped develop my ideas into great masks. Ray makes the process fun and I look forward to working with him as long as he will have me."
- Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller







Ryan Miller


Ryan Miller



Eric Doe

"OEF VIII was my first deployment into a combat theater and I knew that I wanted to get my visor painted.  After seeing Ray Bishop's work I knew that I wanted him to paint something for me.  Ray's support of the Troops and their efforts goes above and beyond and so does his talents with the spray gun.  It's no wonder why he is known as the "Rayzor", he owns the edge. Thanks Ray."

- Eric Doe, 1LT, MS | C Co. 3/82nd MEDEVAC | Operation Enduring Freedom



Ryan Miller






Manny Legace

"I use Ray for all of my custom painting on my masks, motorcycles, and cars.

"I would not think of going anywhere else, or trusting anyone else!"

- Manny Legace







Larry Dixon

"I heard about Ray Bishop and Bishop Designs thru Manny Legace. One look on his client list and it looked like tryouts for the hockey hall of fame! I got with Ray on an idea I had and he took the ball and ran with it, and was I impressed on the outcome! his attention to detail and the quick turn around was second to none! Whatever you need done, Bishop Designs can make it happen"

- Larry Dixon
     NHRA Driver







"After hearing about Ray through my trainers in St.Louis, he has been my go-to guy. His precision to detail and his creative ability makes him one of the best artists in the business. With so many designers in the game, Ray would be my first choice when it comes to recommendations.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ray for his diligence and hard work over the past 5 years. Thanks Ray and keep up the good work."

 - Fred Brathwaite






Paul Boyer

"I have been using Bishop Designs for the last several seasons.

"Ray's artistic designs and concepts as well as his precision and detail in applying the artwork and are second to none. Ray is a true professional who I have recommended to several of my colleagues in both the N.H.L. and A.H.L.

"Bishop Designs is the preferred painter and the first choice of The Detroit-Red Wings when it comes to painting goalie masks."

- Paul Boyer
     Head Equipment Manager

Ed Belfour

Dallas, Olympic, Toronto (NHL)

Nikolai Khabibulin

Tampa Bay, Chicago (NHL)

Curtis Joseph

Detroit (NHL)

Manny Legace

Detroit, St.Louis (NHL)

Marty Turco

Dallas (NHL)

Roman Turek

St.Louis, Calgary (NHL)

Brian Eklund

Tampa Bay (NHL)

Jeff Reese

Toronto, Tampa Bay (NHL)

Fred Brathwaite

St.Louis, Columbus, Atlanta (NHL)

Steve Shields

San Jose (NHL)

Chris Osgood

Detroit (NHL)

Kevin Weekes

Tampa Bay (NHL)

Zac Bierk

Tampa Bay (NHL)

Boston College


Ohio State


Marc Magliarditi

Florida (ECHL)

Mike Ritthaler

German Pro League

Dieter Kochan


Darren Madeley

Saginaw (UHL)

Dominick Hasek

Detroit, Olympic(NHL)

Dan Blackburn

New York (NHL)

Brent Johnson

St.Louis (NHL)

Ryan Miller

Buffalo (NHL)

Tom Barrasso

St.Louis (NHL)

Manny Fernandez

Dallas (NHL)

Mike Vernon

Calgary (NHL)

Jamie McLennan

Calgary, Minnesota (NHL)

Tim Thomas

Tampa Bay (NHL)

Mike Bales

Belfast Giants (BISL)

University of Michigan


St.Lawrence College


Michigan State


Mike Bales

Michigan (IHL)

Jeff Melnechuck

Austin (WPHL)

Jon Hillebrandt

Port Huron (UHL)

Mike Sherman

Austin (WPHL)

Colorado College"Bishop has painted the helmets for all three of my goalies over the past 4 years.  I would never look to any one else for quality design and artistic ability.  As the pictures on his website prove.  You will always be amazed at the work that comes from his shop."

- Rob Masters
     Head Equipment Manager
     Colorado College Tiger Hockey






Cranbrook Kingswood High School"We thought we would take this opportunity to thank you for your expert craftsmanship and artistic input on Ryan's masks over the years. It seems the paintings / mask designs have grown with him from the wizard days, Belle Tire man and now Cranbrook Kingswood High School. Each mask design brings with it many memories that we will treasure as we do your work.

"This year's mask was especially impressive. Ryan received many accolades regarding both the design and the technique used to bring the school's logo and insignia to life. This mask went to State's and won, so it got a lot of press and pictures.

"We continue to recommend you to goalies at all levels from squirts to junior and college level. Our recommendation is for your artistic abilities, craftsmanship and allover work ethic. We endorse your business, designs and ability to create from abstract ideas. Good luck!"
The McClure's
Barbara, Bruce and Ryan

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