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his art ... his passion ... his name.

His art ...
Ray has the unique combination of art mixed with a hard core knowledge of paint and repair. He's been practicing art for 20+ years combined with  11 years of auto-body paint and repair experience. This marriage of art and practicality has produced uncompromising originality and unchallenged quality.

His passion ...
Ray's passion is the final product and how to improve upon it. With each piece of work he completes, he looks to improve upon it. Ray has taken his  talents from the mask to anything that paint will stick to. His canvases now include motorcycles, helmets, cars or anything you would want to showcase.

His name ... Ray Bishop
The process begins with a design or idea in mind. This design can be one of your ideas, Bishop's, or a combination of both. Next , the design is sketched  onto paper to ensure it is graphically sound.

Once the design is complete, the surface is prepared to receive the art work. This preparation starts with the repairing of all surface imperfections (scratches, cracks, chips, dents, etc.). Next the entire surface receives a high-quality primer. Once the canvas has been primed and checked over for any lingering imperfections, the art work phase can begin.

This stage is a compilation of all talents combined to painstakingly transfer the design from the sketch pad to the finished  product. After the art is applied, it is then clear coated with top quality clear coat. This clear coat not only provides a beautiful glasslike final appearance, but also protects the work from damage.

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